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We are always with you for a enjoyable, reliable and comfortable journey.

We are always with you for a enjoyable, reliable and comfortable journey.

Tour excursion Uttar Pradesh with guide Vimal

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Guide Vimal

ID : 5279
Country : India
City : Uttar Pradesh
Guide with certificate : Yes

My name is Vimal Pathak freelancer tour guide and I would be honored to introduce you to my India and to the cities that I love.

I have a post-graduate degree in Philosophy from Benares Hindu University. I bring this knowledge long with a deep understanding of Hinduism and Buddhism into my work. I speak Spanish and English fluently. I generally work in Varanasi, but I'm able to arrange all aspets needed to tour other areas of India. I have a network of professional and trusted connections throughout the country. In special cases, I am happy to go out of my city to accompany my clients. 

Why are my tours unique? Each person who comes to India has different ideas, needs and dreams. I am here for you, to be your "Guide" but also to get to know you better as a "Friend."

As I listen closely, I provide immersive experiences in knowledge, history, enthusiasm, happiness, spirituality, music, dance, Aryuveda, affection and unmitigated joy! You can feel this from early morning until late evening in our time together. 

In general, there are four significant sightseeing experiences that most tourists to Varanasi anticipate: 1 Evening Aarti, also known as an evening ceremony full of chanting mantras, lights and sacred music; 2 The Morning Boat Trip at sunrise to see life on the ghats unfolding in a beautiful way; 3 A Heritage Walk in the oldest parts of the city 4 A Trip to Sarnath, just outside Varanasi and one of Buddhism's most revered sites.

There is, of course, the opportunity to see the famous Benares silk being woven on looms. Oh, yes! I must mention that women on my tours have commented that am "an unusual man" who is most patient and supportive of shopping if you wish!

We will have many conversations on our tours over cups of fragrant Masala chai. You will come to see the tenderness with which Life and Death are embraced in my beloved city. 

I am a fully licensed Tour Guide through the Government of India, Ministry of Tourism and Culture. 

Tour excursion Uttar Pradesh with guide Vimal
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