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We are always with you for a enjoyable, reliable and comfortable journey.

We are always with you for a enjoyable, reliable and comfortable journey.

Tour excursion Esfahan with guide Eli

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59 $ Full day tour Between 14:00 and 04:00
39 $ City tour Between 12:00 and 20:00
33 $ Morning city tour Between 09:00 and 14:00
20 $ Esfahan Shahid Beheshti International Airport One way
20 $ Shahid Vatan Pour Air Base One way


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Guide Eli

ID : 6048
Country : Iran
City : Esfahan

Hi you

I'm Eli. A Persian girl who is interested in history, monuments, different cultures, nature, visiting new people, travel and having fun. so is there any better job for me than being a tour guide???

I'm an official tour guide in Iran and As i live in Isfahan i am a local guide of Isfahan, Kashan, and Yazd.

I have lived in Isfahan all of my life and i just love my city. it is a wonderful city and i know it well. i will show you all its beautiful monuments and we will talk about its history. you will have the chance to know the people and Iranian culture, also will taste great Iranian dishes and see Iranian beautiful handicrafts.

im sure Iran is suitable for every taste wether you like nature,sun, lash place or even deserts, or maby you like history and culture, or food, shopping, relaxing and having fun, all you need exist here.

Tour excursion Esfahan with guide Eli
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