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We are always with you for a enjoyable, reliable and comfortable journey.

We are always with you for a enjoyable, reliable and comfortable journey.

Tour excursion Phuket with guide Ruetai

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234 $ City tour Between 12:00 and 20:00
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Guide Ruetai

ID : 5286
Country : Thailand
City : Phuket
Guide with certificate : Yes

Hello, my name is Ruetai but you can call me Pai . I am a new local generation with travel experienced more than 10 years. I love to travel and have a service mind in the travel business.

Being a tour guide in Phuket Island is my career that I would like to offer my services to all visitors and tourists and welcome them to Phuket Island.

Let me make you know that Phuket doesn't have only beaches and islands. It still has a lot of interesting places to visit including our cultures and also many local foods.

I love Phuket because it makes me happy every days and there is always something going on. And I love travelling and try to find on discover a new interesting places, activities in Phuket Island. Because I have found that there are some feedbacks from tourists that are not too impressed with Phuket this makes me to decide to make my program tours to show the travelers about the local people, culture, food, excursions, sightseeing that the travelers can explore on this beautiful island.

All of my tours can make you fun and learn our cultures, food, histories and stories. Because of all of places and foods have their own story. And I can personalize this tour 100% for you. Let me know your special request. Pick me as your personal tour guide. I can make you enjoy with our real-life and food.

- Member of Andaman Guide Association: Member ID

- Guide experience 10 years

- Bachelor degree in Chemical Industrial

Tour excursion Phuket with guide Ruetai
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