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We are always with you for a enjoyable, reliable and comfortable journey.

We are always with you for a enjoyable, reliable and comfortable journey.

Tour excursion Kiev with guide Irena

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200 $ Full day tour Between 14:00 and 04:00
200 $ City tour Between 12:00 and 20:00
200 $ Morning city tour Between 09:00 and 14:00
60 $ Boryspil International Airport One way
60 $ Gostomel Airport One way
40 $ Zhuliany International Airport One way


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Guide Irena

ID : 5403
Country : Ukraine
City : Kiev

Hello, if You looking for friendly guide or assistant during you visit Ukraine I am here ) I can show you my beautiful city,main points and historical placesAlso I can help with: *interpreter’s services

* meeting at any airport of Kyiv

* assistance in getting from the airport to the city’s centre

* support of the guest to the hotel, apartments.

* provide access to the local cellular phone if necessary

* support you at the meeting

* personal assistant for shopping, choosing restaurants,

* support you by any means of transport until you reach your destination point

* help with check-in at the hotel, apartment or final destination point.Or help choose hotel or apartment for booking.Ask me please about more information.And welcome to Kyiv

Tour excursion Kiev with guide Irena
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