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Eglenceli, dürüst, güvenli ve konforlu bir seyahat için sürekli yanınızdayız.

Eglenceli, dürüst, güvenli ve konforlu bir seyahat için sürekli yanınızdayız.

Rehber Sudip ile Bagmati şehrini gez

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65 $ Tüm gün tur Saat 14:00 ve 04:00 arası
26 $ Şehir turu Saat 12:00 ve 20:00 arası
52 $ Gece turu Saat 20:00 ve 04:00 arası
26 $ Sabah şehir tur Saat 09:00 ve 14:00 arası


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ID : 6060
Ülke : Nepal
Şehir : Bagmati
Kokartlı Rehber : Evet

Welcome and Warm Greeting from Tour and Trek Guide of Himalayan Country, Nepal

I'm a trek and tour guide in Nepal. My love for nature of Himalayas, classical history and literature give me the chance to help people have insights view of mountains and culture of Nepal.

I am a young, cheerful, well-mannered, dedicated, energetic and hard working individual fluent in English. I am a trained and licensed trekking guide with knowledge and experience of trekking. I have in-depth knowledge and experience in dealing with clients. I would enjoy showing your family, group or just a single person around on a private guided tour around trekking zones of Nepal in Everest, Annapurna and the Langtang region as well as tours in Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan etc. During the trips we bring our groups in contact with the local people so that they can have an insight in the local culture and get the real life experience

Rehber Sudip ile Bagmati şehrini gez
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+380 63 595 57 30


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